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Frequently asked questions


How is the plate attached to the ball?

The plate can be  either inserted directly into the ball or simply glued to an older ball.

How is the holder attached to the ball?

The holding force is sufficient to manipulate the ball. When the ball is hit (even a light touch, such as a tipping), the ball is released.

Can a player get hurt while smashing a ball holder?

The holder is equipped with a foam protection and a rubber clip that covers the magnet - there is no risk of injury.

How difficult is it to learn to use the tool?

It is very easy to use. The coach and the player are able to learn the technique and mastery of this tool in a short time and together they can organize preparatory exercises.

Who can use the HANGBALL TRAINER volleyball device?

beginners - for an easy start, mastering the coordination complexity
more advanced players - where the basic technique is more mastered, but there are still obvious shortcomings
top players - for optimal execution speed, solving game situations, managing long strokes
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