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 Feedback from coaches and parents:

,,This aid is a great helper in practicing the basics of an attack strike, not only for beginners, but it also helps to improve this stroke even for more advanced players.
It is also used to practice the estimation of the run-up to the ball, from any place at the net.
 We train with ite specially with young people to hit the ball as high as possible above their heads so that they do not bend their arms during the stroke.
This tool is light and simple…"

Lenka Golovácoach younger players TJ Sokol Frýdek - Místek

 ,,We use this training aid especially for youth training and due to the variability of the placement of the ball above the net and thanks the cleverly designed attachment of the volleyball it is a very useful tool.

 We  can recommend it for youth training!"

Ing. Ivan Cap  - Chairman of the Volleyball Association of Ostrava

"This aid greatly helped our Saška / 12 years old / to improve her attacking punch technique, and last but not least, her shoulders became stronger and the whole punch gained precision and dynamics. The tool is simply effective. We can train at home."

  "Good price for good quality."

 Dino a Saška Csorba - father with daughter Košice

"We train with it in the student training. We call it "rod" and we are very satisfied. It's definitely better than the iron opach. It is easily portable and, what is important, I don't have to constantly adjust it according to the range of players. That way we can train smoothly."

Stanislav Martinat - coach Slávie UK Bratislava 

"We have good experience with the device, we use it mainly in training youth categories from younger pupils to female cadets. The training is focused not only on hitting the ball, but also on the correct start, when children do not have to concentrate on the flying ball, which is at rest when using the device, but only on the correct movement of the legs and sweeping hand. "

Jiří Žůrek -  coach VK Austin Vsetín

"We originally bought the volleyball equipment for the older students. They liked it very quickly, we use it in every training session. The little girls are also excited, and it is fun for them. It is a great help not only for the children, but also for us coaches."

Radka Bednářová - coach SK Slavičín

″A great tool for training and for physical education classes and an excellent tool for practicing smashes for volleyball players and getting to know the attack for laymen. It will significantly simplify the coach's work, especially in the category of younger students."

Martin Kopeček - coach and teacher, VO Slezská Orlice - Krnov

”It's a simple tool for practicing the attack stroke. It is variable, it can be used with a firm attachment to the ribs, to the net and also freely held in the hand with height regulation. It is also practical in terms of the direction of the blow, where there is no restriction. Its advantage is also that it is storable. We also have a large sweeper trainer with a basket, but we always have to take it apart after training and put it back together again for training (since we have small spaces).
Although the HANGBALL TRAINER is for a smaller number of trainees, it is very practical.”

Peter Gramblička - TJ Lokomotíva Čadca

"We agreed that the tool is good, useful, practical, and the price corresponds. Simplifies training, the habit of choosing the right place for the rebound, hitting the ball in a jump, simple height correction according to the individual capabilities of the player. It also helps in eliminating bad habits.”

Jan Franek - TJ TŽ Třinec


Clubs, schools and parents where they use for training HANGBALL:

 TJ VEROS Chomutov ∗ TJ Baník Rtyně v Podkrkonoší  VK Austin Vsetín ∗ Slávia EU Bratislava (SK)∗ Radotinský SK Praha  VK Beskydy Frýdlant n.O. ∗ TJ Slavia Liberec   Happy sport Opava  KCTM Volejbal Vysočina ∗ SK Duhovka Břeclav  VK Choceň ∗ SK Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou  VSK Český Krumlov  TJ Spartak Pečky Dům dětí a mládeže Rakovník  TJ Sokol Hrušovany u Brna  SK Třebín SK Slavičín MŠK Žiar nad Hronom (SK)  TJ TŽ Třinec  TJ Slovan Ivančice   ŠKM Liptovský Hrádok (SK)  VO Slezská Orlice  TJ Sokol Vlachovo Březí VAM Havířov TJ Sokol Třešť TJ Sokol Bučovice  Gym. Zoltána Kodálya Galanta (SK)  TJ Spartak Velká Bíteš  Volejbalový oddíl Vítovice   TJ Sokol Komárov ∗ TJ Lokomotíva Čadca (SK)  TJ Sokol Mohelnice  Volejbalový klub Jirkov  TJ Slovan Varnsdorf K.Z. Gyenesdiás (HU) J.T České Budějovice  VK Studienka (SK) Praha Podolí SAVO Praha and more...

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